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Logical Inquiry, LLC is working at the cutting edge of evaluation with expertise in developmental evaluation, policy analysis, and evaluability assessment. All evaluation activities of Logical Inquiry, LLC comply with standards of those established by the American Evaluation Association (AEA). Key Associates hold Certification in Advanced and Quantitative Evaluation Practice from the Center for Evaluation Effectiveness at George Washington University (now private as The Evaluators’ Institute). Others are well published in qualitative (phenomenology) research. Designed to be closely integrated with goal attainment of project research 

Logical Inquiry Key Associates are also trained in developmental evaluation (M.Q. Patton). While such evaluations follow similar activities and procedures as other evaluations, this type of evaluation is particularly suited for those programs that have a high degree of complexity. Complex programs have certain characteristics including: small actions leading to large reactions; the emergence of interacting agents, participants, and organizations; dynamic interactions between sub-systems, organizations, and institutions that may be volatile and turbulent; interacting agents may respond and adapt to one another; processes and outcomes become unpredictable; and new connections emerge and become co-evolutionary. While still at the cutting edge of evaluation techniques, this type of evaluation is now being called for in many extramural funding solicitations

and education leadership, we work as a project team member to collect and maintain data to facilitate leadership in making decisions regarding: program activity effectiveness; developing new programs; altering project management structure; reallocating resources; rethinking participant skill sets; program sustainability; and considerations of new data collection and management tools. In order to prevent duplication of data collection efforts, Key Associates have more than 50 years of combined experience in working directly with the federal agencies and other funding organizations to comply with their data maintenance requirements. We can prepare Evaluation Plans and conduct research for both formative and  summative  analyses. We prefer to work with project leadership prior to the submission of an application in order to perform an evaluability assessment of proposed programs. Such assessments provide information to program leadership if the project, as designed, can generate data that can be correlated to goal attainment. We can collect, analyze, and maintain data for scientific research, workforce development, educational activities, and sustainability effectiveness. We can organize focus groups, conduct interviews, and prepare formal evaluation reports for project leadership and other stakeholders (funding organizations, etc.). All evaluation results are the property of the contractor and the Personal Services Agreement (PSA) with Logical Inquiry, LLC will delineate the terms under which Logical Inquiry can release such information.

For organizations, and/or their subsidiaries’, we can perform Policy Analyses that can assist them in identification of their problem statement(s); the construction of alternatives to solve the problem(s); and assist in the identification of the alternative(s) that offers the highest benefit to cost ratio. Such analyses are particularly important to entire organizations that are considering major infrastructure improvement changes. Such changes typically lead to sustained maintenance by the organization for long periods of time.