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Project reporting and monitoring go hand in hand. Logical Inquiry, LLC Key Associates have served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigators on more than $70 million of state, federal, and private foundation awards for science, mathematics, and engineering research and development projects. While all of these awards required final reports, some required annual, quarterly or semiannual documentation of project activities and outcomes. Therefore, our Key Associates have been responsible for the preparation of hundreds of such documents. Our personnel are experienced with reporting to This on-line centralized federal awards management system is where most reports from federal sources of funding are required to be filed. Our registration with the federal System Award Management (,, and NSF’s FastLane enables our contractors to share their reporting documents with Logical Inquiry associates to monitor for compliance with report regulations prior to submission. Some project sponsors require that reports contain specific monitoring data and we work directly with many federal and private sponsors to ensure that our contractors are meeting all reporting regulations. Logical Inquiry, LLC can also assist contractors with the preparation of responses to reports, reviewer concerns, and sponsor questions.

In our service as a liaison between project leadership and the sponsor, and our experience in reporting, we can ensure the non-duplication of monitoring, assessment, and evaluation data. For many projects the sponsor requires specific data, while the award recipient is collecting other data. While all data are important, those needed by the sponsor and other stakeholders may be different and/or presented differently. Logical Inquiry associates are experienced in preparing documents and monitoring data for a wide spectrum of stakeholders including the sponsor, the project leadership, local and federal congressional delegations, and others.