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Peer Review

Many projects require the use of an External Advisory Board (EAB) during implementation. Logical Inquiry, LLC can identify EAB members and manage their operations on behalf of the project. By contracting this service outside of the project, the EAB and its operations become truly external.

Through an Award Monitoring and Business Assistance Site Visit by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2013, staff from the Office of Grants and Agreements assessed the peer review process used by Logical Inquiry, LLC and found it to be comparable and, in some cases, better than that used by the NSF and other federal agencies. Our expertise is in the review of individual Principal Investigator applications, prior to submission; limited submission applications, when a State or organization is limited to the number of applications it can submit; and applications involving more than one organization. The basis of our peer review process is to only use reviewers who are external to the organization(s) seeking funding and we use a two-tiered process. For the first tier, we seek up to three mail reviews from individuals having technical expertise within an individual proposal(s). In the second tier we convene an external panel, having more broad experience across all of the applications under consideration, to review the mail reviews; select the application(s) for submission/funding; and make recommendations for scope of work, personnel and budgetary changes. Review results are blind copied to the contractor as specified in the Personal Services Agreement (PSA). Our reviewer network of more than 300 scientists, mathematicians, and engineers all hold the terminal (Ph.D.) degree. Reviewer names are kept confidential to Logical Inquiry, LLC. Further, we negotiate Reviewer Service Agreements (RSA) to guarantee that the reviewer(s) is qualified; keeps our contractor’s intellectual property and reviews confidential; and agree to not use or exploit such information in anyway.