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Peer Review: We offer a network of more than 300 Ph.D. scientists, mathematicians and engineers with expertise in the extramural review of single investigator, limited submission, and multiple organization applications for external and/or internal support. 

Evaluation: Logical Inquiry, LLC is working at the cutting edge of evaluation with expertise in developmental evaluation, policy analysis, and evaluability assessment. All evaluation activities of Logical Inquiry, LLC comply with standards of those established by the American Evaluation Association (AEA). We hold Certification in Advanced and Quantitative Evaluation Practice from the Center for Evaluation Effectiveness at George Washington University (now private as The Evaluators’ Institute).

Strategic Planning: We are trained in Strategic Planning from the Center for Evaluation Effectiveness at George Washington University, and The Performance Institute and can lead strategic planning sessions with a group of stakeholders to provide a formal document; and/or train a group of stakeholders in the strategic planning process.

Reporting: Key Associates have served as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on more than $70 million of state, federal, and private foundation awards for science, mathematics, and engineering research and education projects. We have been responsible for the preparation of hundreds of reports and are experienced with reporting to, the on-line centralized federal awards management system.