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It is Logical Inquiry’s motto that “the effective execution of a strategic plan separates the winners from the losers.” This is guarded with the understanding that most Strategic Plans are “intended” and as they unfold may lead to unrealized strategies, deliberate strategies and emergent strategies, all of which contribute to the realized strategy [Mintzberg (2007)].

Strategic Planning

The attainment of organizational, project, and program goals is everything; however, many times leadership does not seek assistance with the development of a Strategic Plan to insure execution of activities for goal attainment. Logical Inquiry associates have led and/or participated in the development of State Science and Technology, non-profit organization, academic department, college, and university Strategic Plans. Key Associates are trained in Strategic Planning from the Center for Evaluation Effectiveness at George Washington University (now private as The Evaluators’ Institute), and The Performance Institute (Washington, DC). Our associates can lead Strategic Planning sessions with a group of stakeholders to provide a formal document; and/or train a group of stakeholders in the strategic planning process. We can assist with the development of a mission statement, values, metrics, strategic objectives, and timelines for goal attainment. Further, as most Strategic Plans are dynamic, we can assist a group of stakeholders with updates and revisions to existing strategic plans.